Sunday, November 15, 2009

a new direction:

The past few weeks, sick with the flu, I've been provided with hours of entertainment by the one and only Lady Gaga. Her new video, Bad Romance, dropped last Tuesday and within 24 hours of its release I had watched it at least 12 if not 20 times. And it seems like nearly every day, or every couple of days, there's something new - a new interview, or a new song from the upcoming Fame Monster. And every single I hear is awesome, and every thing I hear her say is brilliant. She really is the new Bowie, in a completely original way. Everything I want in a pop artist and more.

But i isn't just that Lady Gaga has been killing it lately, or that I have exhausted myself and run my immune system down to the very wire. There's change in the air right now, and new ideas and thoughts are going to be very necessary to survive and thrive in the changing world. Lady Gaga has it made because everything she conceives can be made reality, because of her team and her media placement. But she worked hard for several years before she found that place. What is it that I have to share with the world, that I've been working for several years on and am ready to share? (Besides bike racing, or science?) Well... there are all those sketches and paintings and random creations that have accumulated over the years.

And the million dollar question that an item in my google reader posed:

Is it art if you don't share it?

And the correct answer is that no, it is not art if it is not shared, because the very reason for creating art is for it to be shared and to create a different feeling in other people. In order to become Art, a sketch or a painting or a sculpture must be brought out into the eyes of others, outside the protective embrace of its creator.

And with that I am proud to announce the launch of my new art blog. I'll be posting some old stuff and some new stuff, a little at first, and hope that it resonates. It's all very personal, of course, but what art isn't?

We'll be back to the usual bike racing on this channel soon enough. I just have to get this flu out of my system and I'll be back in action.

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